High capacity fully automatic lines for standard profiles
Drywall and Plasterboard Profile Line
Guardrail Profile Line
Storage and Rack Profile Line
Cable Tray Profile Line
Metal Furniture Profile Line
Roller Shutter Profile Line
Roof and Siding Profile Line
In our wall and ceiling drywall machine, different sizes of ceiling U, ceiling L, wall U and wall C profiles can be produced. In addition to standard sizes, we provide solutions according to your needs.

Thanks to the flexible and NC stations, you can switch between drywall and wall profiles of different sections in minutes.
We manufacture 2N, 3N or special cross-section rail profile, C post and sigma profiles roll forming machines suitable for sheet thicknesses between 1 mm and 6 mm for road barrier profiles.
We manufacture roll form machines for the production of heavy-duty and light-duty shelf profiles, beam and pole profiles with appropriate tolerances.
We design and manufacture cable tray roll forming machines that can produce cable trays in desired dimensions in addition to standard sizes for sheet metal thicknesses between 0.40 mm and 1.50 mm.
We manufacture roll forming machines capable of producing profiles used in furniture such as metal cabinets, drawers and plinths with desired tolerances.

For the assembly of profiles, we are able to integrate complementary applications such as angle cutting, spot welding, and special applications to get the finished product.
We manufacture roller shutter machines for the production of lower plinth, frame, perforated or non-perforated shutter profiles between 0.50 mm and 1.50. Our lines are manufactured with ability to process costed or uncoated steel and aluminum.

If desired, we integrate assemble units at end of the line.
We manufacture metal roof machines for trapeze sheets in 27-200, 38-151, 40-245, 55-300, 56-180 and other dimensions.
We design and manufacture portable, cost efficient and quality machines. Whether for on-site use or for use in the facility, we deliver the machines that have the options you choose from the many we offer, in minimum lead time.
Logistic roll forming lines
Construction roll forming lines
Agriculture roll forming lines
Drywall gypsum roll forming lines
Energy roll forming lines
Storage and rack roll forming lines
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Cable tray roll forming lines
Gutter roll forming lines
Roller shutter roll forming lines
Roof and panel roll forming lines
Metal furniture roll forming lines
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